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Apple subsidiary FileMaker Inc. changes its name (back) to Claris

FileMaker Inc./Claris is making this move while the overall market for products like FileMaker continues to grow. That’s something Freitag hopes to capitalize on as the company looks ahead. What exactly that will look like remains to be seen, but Freitag noted that the kind of next-generation platform will go beyond the kind of database-driven applications FileMaker itself is known for today and focus on services that support workflow applications. He also believes there is an opportunity for IoT solutions under the Claris brand and maybe, in the long run, augmented reality applications.
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Does Your Business Need a Website Maintenance Plan?

if you want to attract and retain customers, you can't have a "set it and forget it" mentality once the initial work is finished - marketing your business is not only about creating a web presence. Article Source:
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How Do Popular Smart Speakers Respond to Voice Search in Different Languages?

How Do Popular Smart Speakers Respond to Voice Search in Different Languages By Marina Ivanova Over the past several years, smart speakers have become increasingly popular in the U.S. These wireless speakers are one of the most recent advancements in AI (artificial intelligence) technology. They respond to voice commands and are capable of a myriad…
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